What will it cost?' This all depends on what you want, how fast you want it, and how well written it was to begin with. There is no easy answer. Some people need more help than others. Word count is only one indication of cost

We can provide a quote if you send us an entire document. We can provide an estimate if you provide us a sample of representative text (~ 1000 words)

Quotes and estimates are based on a combination of things: return time (Express, Business, Standard), required editing level (light to substantive), and word count. We can charge by the hour, but for larger documents this is often more expensive

For a quote, please send us a file

The following table (below) is a guide to costs ($ Australian) for standard edits based on word count. Substantive edits might cost up to ~ 25% more; light (copy) edits might cost ~ 25% less

For currency conversion please use this link 


Typical ('Thesis') rates ('Crisis' and 'Chill' rates also available) for Bachelors (Hons), PgDip, Masters and PhD theses are:

BSc (Hons)/PgDip (< 25,000 words)          A$ 1,500

Masters (< 50,000 words)                          A$2,000

PhD (< 75,000 words)                                A$3,000


Rates depend on plan: Express (24 hrs), Business (48 hrs), and Standard (72 hrs). As per word count (table below), usually less than 8000 words


Rates for assignments (standard return time) are as per word count (table below); assignments are usually less than 2,500 words. Crisis, Express and Business rates also available


As per plan and word count (table below), usually less than 10,000 words 

CVs (& other: letters, promotions etc)

As per plan and word count (table below); from A$25 for single page CV reviews