— Conference abstracts and posters —

Almost everyone presenting at a conference must prepare an abstract or poster in advance

Abstracts are usually compiled into a booklet referred to as the 'proceedings' that is given to attendees in an information package at the start of a conference. This is usually when you first read what others have written and are presenting at the conference, and also when you first notice an embarrassing error, or worse still, errors, in your own abstract

Mistakes don't look good, and in the professional environment where you are marketing something, whether yourself, a team, a product, or an organization, it reflects poorly on everyone and everything involved

Words written in haste often contain errors

You wouldn't be the first person to leave the writing of their abstract, presentation or poster to the last minute. You also wouldn't be the first person to notice errors in what you'd written only when printed in a conference proceedings, on a poster or projected onto a big screen. We've all done it, and each time we've done so we've said "never again." Until the next time, that is

Don't find yourself apologizing for errors in your presentation, or feeling terrible when you should be proud. Avoid any disappointment. Send us your poster or presentation to proof

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