Submitting a CV?

Employment can be difficult to find at the best of times, even when you consider yourself perfect for a job description. The problem is that others probably feel the same way too. Should there be issues with the English or grammar in your CV or any supporting documentation you provide a potential employer, the chances are that you will be less likely to be shortlisted for an interview. To give yourself the best chance of securing an interview, of making you more attractive (on paper) than someone else, invest in a simple CV edit

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Send us what you have and we'll look it over. You might be good, but we can make you look better, at least on paper

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Applying for promotion?

Whatever your current role may be, to advance your career you'll probably have to apply for a promotion. Errors in your application could be viewed unfavorably

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Problems with HR?

We're really sorry to hear this, but it does happen, often, and it often happens to very good people. Though we will not counsel you or proffer legal advice, we can lend an ear if needed, point you in the right direction, and make sure that anything you write to HR is appropriate and professional

We do not judge (everyone makes mistakes), and we promise you that anything you tell us will be strictly confidential. Tell us your worries and we'll see if we can help you