What does DrO do for you?

We make sure that your writing is clearly written and logically presented

We'll improve what you write

We make sure that your writing is free of distracting spelling and grammatical errors, and format inconsistencies

We offer substantive and copy edits, and proofreading services

Step 1

Have your document ready, preferably in MS Word. You'll need to be familiar with the 'Track Changes' option in MS Word. If you are not then don't worry. We'll help you

Step 2

Send us your file and relax. Please do not continue to edit any file after you have just sent us. Click here to understand why

Step 3

We return the file to you, and you answer any question we may have asked, and accept of reject those changes that we have made or suggested. If you have further questions, add text, or need us to check your document a further time, return it to us for a free proofreading and query check

Step 4

We invoice you. A guide to possible costs based on word count can be found here