Who is DrO?

Dr Steve O'Shea (DrO) is a former university professor, museum curator, and world expert on cephalopod (octopus and squid) taxonomy. His publication record includes over 50 papers. He also has almost 30 years academic, supervision and editorial experience. He currently resides in Paris, France

Steve has participated in more than a dozen Discovery Channel, National Geographic and BBC expeditions, and  has completed documentaries on giant squid, marine conservation, and whales. His research has seen him travel by sea many times around New Zealand, and to offshore oases like the Sea of Cortez. He has also plumbed the ocean depths in submersibles off southernmost Japan. Throughout his career he's presented many hundreds of public talks, taught many university papers, and supervised many postgraduate students. He's also published three book chapters, 35 peer-reviewed journal or monographic articles, 7 peer-reviewed fisheries reports, and 11 popular magazine articles (and many commercial reports), in addition to having reviewed and edited more than 500 more. He is an active researcher

Colleagues have named six species after Steve to acknowledge his contribution to science and conservation: a sponge (Awhiowhio osheai), an isopod (Brucerolis osheai), a bryozoan (Calvetia osheai), a mantis shrimp (Gonodactyellus osheai), a deep-sea squid (Magnoteuthis osheai), and a deep-sea barnacle (Vulcanolepas osheai). This is quite an honour. Steve has also been acknowledged in numerous other manuscripts for his editorial assistance and expertise

These days Steve helps others achieve their academic and professional goals


Without my mentor and friend Steve O'Shea, this project would never have started, continued or finished

Dr K Bolstad, PhD thesis: Systematics of the Onychoteuthidae Gray, 1847 (Cephalopoda: Oegopsida)

This thesis would not have been possible without Steve O'Shea, who assisted and supported me in every way. Thank you for all the time you spent discussing issues with me, correcting my English, responding to thousands of mails (per day), and overall, for trusting me

Alejandra Garcia, Masters thesis: Comparative study of the morphology and anatomy of octopuses of the family Octopodidae; 266pp

I would like to sincerely thank Dr Steve O'Shea, for his dedicated effort in assisting, guiding and encouraging me through the duration of my thesis 

Ann Bui, Masters thesis: Beach burial of cetaceans: implications for conservation, and public health and safety; 154pp

Firstly, a big thanks to Dr Steve O'Shea, who had to put up with me asking a million questions every day, when I was supposedly allowed one, and for all his encouragement and guidance over this last year

Clara Wong, Masters thesis: The effects of green shelled mussel mariculture on benthic communities in Hauraki Gulf; 152pp (+ 168pp Appendices)