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About DrO

DrO (Dr Steve O'Shea) has more than 30 years experience in science and education, and ~ 25 years editing academic documents. He has supervised many theses in biological, health, education, and computer sciences, and edited more than 400 publications for ESL authors. He himself has published over 50 papers in biological sciences (about 1000 peer-reviewed published pages), written numerous commercial reports, and featured in over a dozen documentaries for Discovery Channel, National Geographic, NHK and the BBC

Steve's real love is science and teaching. If you are having trouble with your thesis, Steve has earned a deserved reputation as someone that you need in those final few months. So far every student has submitted on time, and each one has received their qualification. As of October 2022 Steve (DrO) has a 100% success rate!

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Whether you are an executive, academic, entrepreneur, or a student having problems with a thesis or publishing, we are here to help you

Our reputation depends on our providing you with the highest quality, competitively priced, and reliable service possible

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— What people have said —

Without my mentor and friend [Dr O], this project would never have started, continued or finished

This thesis would not have been possible without [Dr O], who assisted and supported me in every way. Thank you for all the time you spent discussing issues with me, correcting my English, responding to thousands of mails (per day), and overall, for trusting me

I would like to sincerely thank [Dr O], for his dedicated effort in assisting, guiding and encouraging me through the duration of my thesis

Firstly, a big thanks to [Dr O], who had to put up with me asking a million questions every day, when I was supposedly allowed one, and for all his encouragement and guidance over this last year

Don't just take these people's word for it. An impressive six species have even been named after him to honor his contribution to science:

  • Awhiowhio osheai (a sponge)
  • Brucerolis osheai (an isopod)
  • Calvetia osheai (a bryozoan)
  • Gonodactylellus osheai (a mantis shrimp)
  • Magnoteuthis osheai (a deep-sea squid)
  • Vulcanolepas osheai (a deep-sea barnacle)

Dr O (Dr Steve O'Shea) is highly regarded

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— Rates

For editing of commercial reports, CVs, manuscripts, conference presentations, and assignments, DrO offers Express (24h), Business (48h) and Standard (72h) rates, subject to word count and  availability. Special rates are offered for large and complex Theses: Crisis (4 days), Thesis (7 days) and Chill (10 days) rates. For theses it is essential that you check our availability in advance, as we cannot really help you the night before your thesis is due

All editing work comes with a free 2nd-round clarification service

You can be charged by the hour, or by word count, whichever is the cheapest for you. This usually depends on the level of editing required (proof, copy or substantive). For example, if your file is 10,000 words long, but it takes only 3 hours to edit (because what you wrote was beautiful) then you would be charged at the cheaper rate (3 hours) than a set rate for 10,000 words. Estimates of cost based on word count can be found in the following table, but please understand that these are estimates. Word count is just one indication of cost

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