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Experts in thesis and manuscript proofreading and editing

About DrO

DrO (Dr Steve O'Shea) is a highly regarded English editor, with more than 30 years of experience in science and education, and with the writing and editing of large and complex academic documents. He is research active (having published more than 50 papers in biological sciences), and has also edited more than 500 publications for ESL authors, and over 30 Masters and PhD theses for native-English-speaking and ESL graduates. He has also supervised numerous PhD and Masters theses in biological, environmental, health, education, and computer sciences, so he knows the academic system well. If you are in need of an expert English edit or critique of a thesis or manuscript, or supervisory counsel, drop him a line. If you need references, he'll be all-too-happy to provide them

What does an edit cost?

This is a question in the back of everyone's mind, and there is no simple answer. Editing isn't just about checking for double spaces, correcting capitalization, or doing a 'search' and 'replace' (which generally introduces further error). Editing more often than not involves rewriting or significant restructuring of a document, reformatting it (and removing corrupted text and figures), fact checking, ensuring continuity and removing redundancy, asking questions and checking responses, and tightening up the language, which often reduces word count by up to 30%. An editor works very closely with an author to make sure that everything is right. All of this takes time

For editing of standard commercial reports, CVs, manuscripts, conference presentations, and assignments, DrO offers Express (24h), Business (48h) and Standard (72h) rates, subject to word count, availability, and how well something is written. For Theses, DrO offers Crisis (4 days), Thesis (7 days) and Chill (10 days) rates, but he does prefer working with someone over months. He cannot guarantee that you will get your degree (this depends on the quality of your research), but he does have a 100% success rate to date. All editing work comes with a free 2nd-round clarification service, which means we go back and forth until you are happy with the final product. This takes more time

Costs depend on how much editing is required (proof, copy, or substantive). Estimated costs for substantive edits based on word count can be found in this table, but please understand that word count is only an indication of cost

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